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Chocolate, Tea and Me

The building I'm sitting in has been many things for me since I purchased it from Schultz Bros. a few years ago - a brewery, a farmers market, a home. And now it's this little confectionary and tea shop!

Just like many other things in Second Life, it doesn't have to make sense. It just has to bring us some happiness. If you'd like to see it in person, you can find it (and usually me) here.

So now, the details:


Head - LeLutka Avalon

Hair - Stealthic

Skin - Amara Beauty

Makeup - NA

Teacup - Reliquary (the animations are hilarious and the textures are... *chefs kiss*)

The Shop:

Building - Schultz Bros.

Foliage - Love

Table & Stools - Hextraordinary

Cauldrons and rugs - DRD

Candy displays and register - D-Lab

Bookshelves - Contraption (which... *squeeeee* they're from the new Pollux skybox set. Go, run, get it at Midnight Order. It's amazing.)

I know I'm forgetting something, so if you see something you want and I didn't link a store, feel free to ask.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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