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Come on up.

Agnes has been hard at work over the past couple of weeks (I helped... I mostly watched but I did get to push some greenery around!) to really elevate all the amenities that The Ishtar Hotel has to offer.

The newest one - and one of my favorites, is The Rooftop. It's got a nice house music vibe to it - intimate and chill with a stunning view. Takes a little exploration to find, but as with many other things in life, the journey is just as good as the destination.

If you haven't been out to The Ishtar lately, what are you waiting for? New, beautiful beaches, all new dining, and of course, Sonder Spa (more to follow on that!)

Here's your taxi. For more information on booking a stay and/or experience, please visit them on Facebook or in-world.

All My Love,

Lemony ♥

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