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Hello, and welcome to the last installment of Vru's cyberpunk-inspired series, The Sixth World.

This part of the story takes our main character to The Basin - an off-grid installation just on the edge of corpo jurisdiction.

This set was one of my favorites by far. The major difference between this one and my others, is that I used the ground floor of my region, rather than a platform. I think this one needed the depth that could only be provided by a little terraforming and a lot of space to sprawl.

I have to admit, I wasn't quite ready for how amazing this turned out. Building a set is one thing, but the way he tells a story and gives us a look through his lens is what breathes life into it. I'm incredibly proud to be a part of Machinima Group, and to be able to call Vru a dear friend.

I couldn't wait for the video to come out, but knowing that this is the end of this journey - for now, anyway - is bittersweet. But I know Vru needs a well-earned break, and now I am putting all of my energy into my sim's reopening (more on that some other time).

For now though, thank you to all the creators in Second Life that made this possible. I got to use some of my very favorite pieces, from many of my favorite creators. I'm going to do my very best to tag everything below, but if you see something in the set that didn't get proper credit feel free to comment and I'll be happy to update!

For a better look at the set, head on over to my Gallery. Enjoy the video and if you're not already, please go follow Vru on Flickr.

All My Love,

Lemony ♥


Workshop decor - Ex Machina, DRD, Contraption

Shipping container, collapsed highway, concrete barriers, set decor - DRD

Old Motel - Milk Motion

Weapons shop - PsiNan

Desert Foliage - Fundati

Wind Turbines, interior decor, Tiger Mech - Solares

Salvaged wind turbines - Isil

Interior decor, shipping containers - Hilted, Nomad

Weapons - SAC

Ripper doc station - .random.matter.

Power Lines - Bad Unicorn

Buildings (excluding shipping containers) - Killer's, Soy, DRD

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