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Frozen Tears

It's been a minute, but we finally have another beautiful Vrutega production in the books! Just in case you missed it on Flickr:

Frozen Tears is a storytelling music video collaboration with Fly Kugin. Fly is a professional violinist, visual artist, and a long-time Second Life music performer. “Frozen Tears” is an original piece for solo violin and symphony orchestra composed by Fly. Vru had the honor of writing the script for the video, and I got to build the set.

Truth be told, we actually finished the set a while back, so seeing this finally come to a close is so satisfying! It's always bittersweet to say goodbye to a project, but it almost always means we're already looking forward to the next one.

For a closer look at the set, please check out my Gallery page.

As always, thank you to Vru for always bringing me along and for being an amazing friend. My life is made better by having him in it. And thank you to Fly, for making the world a little bit brighter with your talent and letting us share in bringing your composition to life!


Botanical - Edged Brick Park Path

3rd Eye Productions - Pillars of Astaria (Teleporter)

Fanatik - Ruins

Random Matter - Queen's Dining Chairs

NOMAD - Snow Landscaping Pack

Trees and foliage:

If you see something specific you like and need help finding it, feel free to give me a shout!

All My Love,

Lemony ♥

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