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Give Me Neon

Yep, that's me, standing in the middle of my latest build for Vru's next big personal project.

I can't lie - I've been insanely excited about this one since the day he pitched the idea. Ultimately, this will be a Cyberpunk/Westworld adaptation series he's been developing for a while. Just like all his other projects, it's going to be amazing - I'm just happy that I get to be a part of it!

If you want to see some raw footage, check out Vru's Facebook post here.

Now for the good stuff...


The Avatar:

Head - Lelutka Avalon

Face - Amara Beauty

Hair - Doux

Makeup - WarPaint

Glasses - 13 Act

Body - Legacy, with Velour

Tattoos - Nuuna and Vegas

The Set:

Ex Machina





Isil Designs

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