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Helheim to Valhalla

Another fun project, officially completed... check it out!

Vru and I had the opportunity to create an amazing commercial for Hrolf Inghram's store, Helheim to Valhalla. The set features buildings from his Viking Village Fatpack, as well as Hrafn Hall and the Viking Moot Building Set.

Many, many thanks to Hrolf for providing the components to bring this set to life, and thank you to everyone that participated in the filming. I had a great time building this set and am looking forward to doing it all over again at his main store!

For more images, please head over to the Gallery. As always, if you see something you like and need help locating it give me a shout!

Hrolf's Flickr

Helheim to Valhalla on the Marketplace

Helheim to Valhalla in-world

All My Love,

Lemony ♥

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