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Netrunners (almost) welcome!

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Behind me is a little section of my latest build... and I'm so close to being done, and being able to share it with everyone!

Not gonna lie - I hit a little bit of a creative funk. I think most of us go through that from time to time, but this last one was really rough. Thankfully Vru came along and gave me a little of that creative inspo... and though I don't plan on this place being around for very long (I've already started sketching out my next project, "witch" I'm totally excited for), I want this to be a fun place for photography and exploration... and maybe even a little RP if you feel the inclination.

This time around, the tabletop gamers will hopefully recognize the megacorps' ad banners blinking and glitching all over the city. I love Shadowrun, and I wanted to really get that vibe here - and for anyone not familiar, think 'dystopian+cyberpunk+fantasy'... or that movie 'Bright', on Netflix... sort of? Meh. But hey, where else would it make sense to have elves and cyberpunk?

CREDITS (not sponsored!)


Hair: Stealthic

Head: LeLutka Avalon

Face: Amara Beauty

Makeup: Persephone

Body: Legacy

Skin: Velour

Tattoos: Bird of Prey (go buy all her stuff - she's an amazing artist and even better human), Nuuna, Vegas

Shirt: Ghoul

Pants: Blueberry

The Build (as pictured)

Streets: Neurolab

Buildings: Ex Machina, Balaclava and Co*fee

Signs: Contraption (these are currently at Equal 10 but if you haven't already, make sure you check out their cyberpunk stuff because WOW. Go through the mirror to Basil's side when you get to the main store.)

I'll open the doors soon, but as always if you have any questions give me a shout!

All My Love,


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