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Nova Station!

I know, I know. Two posts in one day. Get a life, am I right?

I was wandering around my parcel and decided to poke around the space station, and I realized - I've not really taken any photos of it!

Let's talk about the designers that brought this little corner of my SL to life. First, there's Isil. Beth Delauney is an absolute master of the mesh and texture game. I think I've purchased just about everything at her store and have never been anything short of amazed. Next we've got Solares. Jessicatz is another really incredible designer and her creations are the small touches that make sci-fi and cyberpunk sims come to life. They've even got these little delivery drones that are not only super adorable, but yes - they actually deliver food and drinks! I could watch them fly around all day. Hilted makes really fun stuff for all sorts of environments, but I think their preservation hub (neon trees!) might be my all-time favorite. Well... that or the rideable Mecha 2.0. Last, but certainly not least, Ex Machina. I initially found them when building for a Victorian-era sim, but they've been releasing some cyberpunk stuff that just seems to get cooler and cooler with every new item. That's another creator that puts a lot of fun details into their work, which makes it a little too easy to part with my lindens.

If you want to come and stare at the stars, sit in the nightclub, take photos or perhaps get some inspiration for your own roleplay or builds, feel free to pop up anytime! My sim is always open, and you can find the space station here.

All My Love,


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