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Remember your light

Hello friends!

Just got home from a pretty amazing vacation... but now, it's back to "work" (yeah - using the word very loosely, ha!).

I whipped up a quick new profile pic. I know it's not anything special, but the quality is much improved thanks to my friends Agnes and Wren very patiently teaching me some tricks. I love the colors and am thrilled that I don't have a pixelated face. But if I'm being honest? I'm even more thrilled that I've got some of the most incredible people in SL as friends. The Machinima Group might be one of the best things that's happened in my SL in a long time. Aside from my partner, of course, and the friends that have been with me since I started this insane little journey.

Side note: thanks to everyone that's come to visit the Shadowrun build. It'll only be up for a few more weeks before we start our next project ("witch" will be a more permanent fixture!), so if you want to get over and look around, maybe get some photos, feel free to come wander any time. If you see me perched on a platform there, don't be afraid to say hello!

I'll post more pics of the build soon. But for now, I'm just wrapping up another project and hoping my sea legs wander away soon.


Head: Lelutka Avalon (I tweaked the shape myself)

Hair: Doux - Esther

Skin: Amara Beauty

Makeup: Warpaint and Persephone

Shirt: Tres Blah

Background: Custom work by Wren Alcyone

All My Love,


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