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Sidewalks and Sanity

If you've been to Prosperity Falls recently, you've probably run into a few "Under Construction" signs. The sim's been undergoing some overdue changes. and this little alleyway is one of them!

The roads, which are from Pixel Props , are actually really nice out of the box. They line up beautifully, and the texture options, from potholes to lines, definitely spark a little joy. But in this particular section of town, I was going for an old Riverwalk feel (think old Wilmington, NC), and cobblestone just made a lot more sense. Which, sadly, meant retexturing every piece. Did I lose a little sleep and a little sanity? Yes. Was it worth it? Also yes.

Anyway, there's still a considerable amount of pixel construction dust in the area, but you're more than welcome to come and poke around!

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