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Study Buddies.

You know it's going to be an interesting day when someone says "I had an idea for a photo - Sexy. Demon. Librarians." Say no more, I'm in!

Wren is a talented photographer and blogger, and for her latest post for Petrichor, that's what she wanted - so we made it happen! I don't generally do photo sets but this one took just a few minutes and we had a lot of fun with it. It also helps when you've got an inventory full of fun creations.

Credits are below. As always, if you see something you like and need help finding it, hit me up.

All My Love,

Lemony ♥


Demony (heh):

Tattoo: Angelic Body, Aerth

Makeup: Mythical eyeshadow, Aii

Horns: Eternal Bloom Horns, Aii

Tail: Avarice Tail, Aii

Legs: Draconis Legs, Aii

Bodysuit: Kyliara Bodysuit, Petrichor/Ersch

Cuffs: Valjire Cuffs, Petrichor

Hair: Alexandra, Magika

Glasses: Elona glasses, .random.matter.

Book: The Everybook, Contraption

Rings: Ezhra, VolupasVirtualis

Earrings: Shaman, Promagic


Hair - Doux

Horns, Demon Legs, Tail - Aii

Glasses - Voluptas Virtualis

Chain- Salem

Book - Petrichor "Anthrophilia"

Outfit - Petrichor "Varkylde" @ The Warehouse Sale

Tattoo - Petrichor "Asaia Markings"

Gauges- Mea Tenebra


Skybox: The Grand Manor - Regardie Hall, Lux Aeterna

Pollux Desk, bookshelves, and rug; Hexagonal Drawers and Blackwood Cabinets: Contraption

Owl: Monster of the Barn (stone version), Contraption

Lanterns: Nightmariner's Lamp, ::Static::

Iron Maiden: 22769 (it's an old gacha)

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