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Thanks for 600!

My biggest regret when it comes to Flickr? Not taking it seriously sooner. I really just wanted a place to store photos. Until recently, it didn't occur to me that it would be a way to share my little corner of SL with a wider audience. Before you ask - yeah, I'm terrible at social media! I don't keep any accounts for my RL, so maintaining things like Flickr and FB are a bit of a mental hurdle for me.

But I started trying to widen my net just a couple of months ago; it feels like I just thanked everyone for hitting 420 (heh). So again, thanks so much.

This photo was taken in a graveyard I created for Thornwallow. Even though the roleplay is long gone, I didn't have the heart to tear down this forest. It's small, but damn, I love it. I don't get up here often but it's a nice place to just sit and stare when you need a space for that. The sim is always under some form of construction these days, but this is the one constant here. Plus, Nixie might smack me if I ever tear it down.

Credits are below. Many thanks to the friends that helped me get better at my photo game (though it's still got a long way to go!), who pushed me to hustle a little more, and supported me every step of the way. You make my SL a wonderful world.

All My Love,

Lemony ♥



Hair - Dice, Stealthic (@ Equal10)

Gauges - Meva

Tattoo - Ladybird

Jacket - Cold Ash (@ Equal10)

Rings - Garmonbozia and Kunst


Cemetery components - DRD and Contraption

Trees - Enchanted Woods, Skye

Grass - Downy grass, Alirium

Fog - DDD

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