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Sim design

I come fully prepared, with the ability to build roleplay and/or residential sims for the following genres: Modern (city and/or country), Urban/post-apocalyptic, Natural (forests, aquatic, etc), Sci-fi, Cyberpunk, Victorian/Edwardian, and Fantasy, to include business and residential areas. My base rate includes two levels of your choice plus one landing area. Additionally, this comes with any landscaping and infrastructural decor (lights, trees along streets, planters, flora/fauna, etc.), but this does not include interior design. In addition to your sim design, I can provide skyboxes (examples: clubhouses, meeting houses for factions, etc.). Construction times vary based on complexity, but be assured that I can meet most any deadline per an agreement.


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Interior decor

Need your buildings or homes decorated? I have furnishings to match all the aesthetics listed above under ‘Sim Design’.


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I can provide experience teleport scripts and interactive scripting (collision-based local chat, welcome messages, notecards or weblinks on arrival, etc.).


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Web design

If you need a website for your sim, I can design that too! I will use Wix or Enjin, your choice. All information will be based solely on what you provide and generally takes up to three business days.


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Prims and Design

First things first - we will meet, as many times as it takes, to fully flesh out your ideas! We will create two lists: ‘Must Haves’ and ‘Wish List’. We will determine my prim limit, which will be a guiding factor in what will be provided, and what I can possibly provide if prim limits permit. Admittedly, this has not been an issue in the past, but it’s always important to have a ‘plan B’ - especially if your vision changes at some point during the process!


Generally, if you are requesting a full sim, I will need a maximum of 30 days from start to completion. This could be a shorter time frame, of course, depending on what you require. However, should you wish to make changes once construction has begun, be advised that this could extend the amount of time it takes to remove and/or reconstruct part of your build.


Also, be assured that no two builds are alike, and I put my full efforts into providing you with a unique environment with as little lag as possible.

Land Permissions

During the construction process, I will require full land permissions, to include terraforming, diagnostics, EEP settings and scripting. This is to ensure that not only are you receiving the full extent of my abilities, but I’ll be able to check diagnostics for lag and address any issues as I build, in order to provide you and your target audience with the best experience possible.


A deposit of 50% of your total fees will be required at the start of construction. Any incidentals that might arise during the course of my construction always come out of my fees - I will never ask you to pad my inventory! Rates will only change if you decide to add on additional services. The remaining balance will be due upon final walkthrough. If you need more time to pay, you must communicate that with me; I understand that life happens and am flexible! However, failure to meet financial terms will result in the sim being packed into ‘temp rezzers’ until payment is made in full.


I will take high-resolution photos of my work to add to my portfolio. They will be provided to you at no-cost, at your request, and you will have full permissions to use them, provided you do not remove the small watermark at the corner of the photos. In addition, I will tag photos of my work in various roleplay groups to give your sim a little more visibility!


I will not, under any circumstances, discuss your design and/or concept with anyone else. Though it's rare, I am fully aware that the nature of roleplay in SL can at times be underhanded and malfeasant. You have my full discretion, up until the time the build is complete and I have confirmation from you that I may add pictures of your site to my Flickr portfolio.

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