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The sim is currently under construction, and there isn't really a target completion date. Check back soon for updates!

About the Sim

Prosperity Falls is a scenic community in Second Life. Friends, explorers, and photographers are all welcome to take in the views and enjoy all the amenities we have to offer.

Social Media

We have a Flickr - if you choose to take photos here, please share; we'd love to see them!

You can also find our little community on Discord - feel free to join us!


Sorry, but there are no residential rentals available at this time. You may 'rez' items for your photos and/or roleplay scenes, but be advised that if you are not a permanent resident of Prosperity Falls, those items will be returned to you. To make things easier, please clean up after yourselves. 

There are private residences here in Prosperity Falls, which are bordered and will give a warning in local chat. Please be respectful!

Additional Scenes

We have a variety of scenes (aside from the ground floor) that are open to exploration, photography, and even roleplay. Some of these have optional experiences (ex: our Maze offers a 'Hide and Seek' HUD). For roleplayers, please see our guidelines below. All scenes are accessible through our Information Center and are subject to change at any time!

The Teleporter

As those of us in the RP community find their favorite roleplay spots, we add landmarks to those Welcome Centers. The idea is simply to share the places we love, and having handy access to travel to them! To have your roleplay sim added, simply contact Lemony using the contact form below.

For Roleplayers

Though we're not a roleplay sim, you are more than welcome to bring your roleplay to this community! However, there are a few guidelines that we ask you to observe:

• Privacy and full immersion for your scenes is not guaranteed, nor should it be expected.

• That being said, if tourists, photographers, bloggers or residents are in a community area and happen to come across your roleplay scene, please do not expect that anyone be respectful of your ongoing RP. 

• There are additional scenes aside from the ground floor; please feel free to use them! Available scenes will be available in the Information Center and are subject to change at the owner's discretion.

• There is no management available, should you have issues with anyone while you are visiting our sim. We encourage everyone to use ‘mute’ if/when it becomes necessary. If parties involved cannot reach an agreement, we ask that you take your conflict elsewhere. Lemony nor any of Prosperity's residents will not make time to act as arbitration, with the exception of dealing with trolls and griefers.

Please note that this is an adult-rated sim. Child avatars are allowed to tour Prosperity Falls as long as they are controlled by a person who has verified themselves to be at least 18 years old. However, the avatar should not be in proximity to sexual content or activity, and must obey the LL policy prohibiting sexual age play.


We plan on hosting events in the future, but for now, please enjoy your time here and thank you for visiting Prosperity Falls!

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