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Jewel of the Nile

Anytime I get to create a set for Vru it's an adventure... but this time he really wasn't kidding! He brought me aboard to create the setting for the opening scene of MadPea's teaser video for their newest interactive experience, Jewel of the Nile.

I heard the script and thought "Yeah... this guy needs a study. But not just a plain office - a place where everything he's collected has accumulated in one room" (sort of like my inventory, but that's a story for another day). I wanted it to be big, but also somehow feel worn-in and well-loved. I really hope I was able to bring that through!

I've been a fan of MadPea for a long time now, and I really wanted to create something using the MadPea inventory I already had. You might not have been able to catch them all in the video, but this study has loads of little Easter eggs; a nod to games and gachas from the past. But even better... if you're looking closely enough, this study gives viewers a sneak peek at the prizes!

Overall, I had a lot of fun with this room. It took me about eight hours to complete, which, considering the number of knickknacks in there, isn't too bad!

Huge thank you to MadPea for sending over the prize pack, and allowing me to be a part of the video. Thank you to all the creators of that fuel the imagination and bring their talents to Second Life to share with all of us. And as always, my love to Vru for always bringing me along for the ride and letting me help bring his visions to life. ♥

Go check out MadPea's new interactive experience, Jewel of the Nile!


(For more photos of the scene, head on over to my Gallery)

Lux Aeterna - The Grand Manor: Regardie Hall skybox

DRD - Deerhead Chandelabra (dark), Magick Shoppe bookcases (farmed from the Magick Shoppe building)

Kraftwork - Rebel Soul Sofas

Quills & Curiosities - Den of Inquiry set (wall clock, rug, chair, shipping crates, planter, book stacks)

Fancy Decor - Vostre set, Vintage Camera, Garden of Earthly Delights, Spencer Paintings, Patterned boxes, Leaning Art, Julian Bar Cart, French Landscape, Butterfly Collection, Antique Tea Caddy, Pyramid Obelisk, Van Gogh Sketch, Ramses Armchair

NOMAD - Display Cabinets, Giraffe Taxidermy

Random.Matter - Cabinet of Curiosities set: globe, gramophone, plant stand, prosthetic eyes, skull specimen, snail terrarium

Medieval Fantasy - Bear Trophy

Soy - Oriental Plants

MadPea - Nawlins Map, 7 Deadly Wines (Pride), A Tale of Two Sisters: Moon Crystal Ball Lamp, Stained Glass Mandala, Bow Bells Boozer: Hanging Wall Flag, Last Orders Bell, Cirque du Mystere Carousel, Demon Book, NiNO: Chicory & Beignets, Skeletal Hourglass, Owl - Bob, Potion - Lost Souls, Voodoo Blessing Box, Wine & Cheese Board, and prizes from The Jewel of the Nile

[ContraptioN] - Balthezar's Collection: Luciole, Blackwood's Desk and File Cabinets, Case of Morphine, Eccentric's Curios: Auric Discindo, Display Table, Reflectors A, B and C, Gauthier's Magic Star Jar, Jasper's Journal, Pollux Skybox: Bottle, Curtains, General Ledger, Humidor, Lamp, Office Chair, Painting *The Flirt*, Paper Tray, Rug, Scrolls, Spiral Step Ladder, Relic of Enmity Statue, River Guardian mini, Schemer's Office: Coat Rack, Letter Set Cluster, Whisky Serving Tray, Hexagonal Drawer Set, Solaire Chandelier, Strange Orb, Strange Scope, Surgeon's Toolbox, The Docteur's Medicine Bottles, Polyphon: Model C6 Cabinet, Somniatoris Arx Cardinal Bird


As always, if you see something you like and need help finding it, feel free to reach out! ♥

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