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Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Vru is back at it and I got to come along for the adventure! Not only did I have the pleasure of building the set for 'Helen', but I got to have my Helen Sharp moment!

Salt & Pepper and PCP created two amazing outfits inspired by the 90s cult classic, Death Becomes Her, and hired Vru to make a video to highlight the interactive options with the dress and the shirt. I didn't get to see the script before I started building, but Salt and Vaygah sent their products over and I immediately knew what I was creating... obviously, it had to be the shotgun scene! If you haven't seen it, here's a clip (TW - blood, gore):

So, naturally, this called for the courtyard, and a very fancy house. Maven Homes came through in that department - the La Coupole House was perfect for the scene!

As always, Vru had a really great vision for his adaptation and it was a lot of fun helping him bring it to life. The entire set took maybe an hour to build and though it was simple, was a great backdrop for another fun machinima project!

To see photos of the set, please head over to the Gallery.



Maven Homes - La Coupole

Home Decor - Fancy Decor, Dahlia, Milk Motion


Walls - Apple Fall

Shrubs - Botanical

Fountain - Hextraordinary

Plants - Soy, Minimal, Nutmeg, Little Branch, Titans, Vespertine

If you see something specific you like and need a hand locating it, feel free to give me a shout!

All My Love,


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